Video Design

We create high quality, innovative yet simple video projects; our narratives seek to serve as authentic reflections of your company’s ethos as well as function.

In other words, we want to capture the spark and dynamics of you and your customers, to build hot video products that seize the attention of today’s mobile generation.

We look to achieve this by listening to your digital marketing needs

  • Why does your company do what it does?
  • How do your customers  feel aligned with your company?

Capturing spontaneity is also key in creating authentic films; we factor this into our story-boarding process so as to make your content unique. Collaborating hand-in-hand with you, we encourage you to co-direct and produce content that truly reflects your creativity as well as ours – however if you don’t have time to be so hands-on and need us to take a stronger directional role, we are happy to do so.

Digital Marketing

As great as any video is, if it is not fresh and original, or strategically placed, it will drown in the ever-expanding digital marketplace. We offer consultation as an extra service to help your video succeed . Whether working with your current digital marketing strategy, or helping you to create one, we are here to help create video content that reflects and clearly communicates your needs, then direct that content to the right audience.

Simply contact us an well book a free 1 hour consultation to see if its a good fit.

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About Dijitaldarkroom

We make great video.
Video that is agile and personal.
We shoot on the move, get close in or get airborne.
Whatever it takes to get the story that captures that thing, that says, this is you.

We make video that is commercially viable and gets results.
This ultimately, is also about leads and sales, revenue and profit.
However, it is not about millions of views or likes – it’s about the right views, likes and action.

ROI is key to a video being successful. So we craft cost effective video using the best tools that allow us to shoot anywhere, to catch those spontaneous moments that are often missed. While not having high overheads, (but still able to produce that great studio shot) we make short, dynamic videos with huge production values, but without the high cost

We have a proven 6 step method to create great, commercially viable, video content.

Simply contact us an well book a free 1 hour consultation to see if its a good fit.


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